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Collusion's R&D Challenge: My Lincoln Road

Peterborough, Friday 27th & Saturday 28th April 2018 

Crowds flock to enjoy the My Lincoln Road trail

Seasonal showers couldn’t dampen people’s spirits as Lincoln Road came to life with live art, music, theatre and poetry performed from a fantastic mobile bandstand on Saturday 28th April. The moving stage travelled from north to south from The Lounge to Chaiwalla and this trial and procession down the road really celebrated the diversity and uniqueness of the area and people loved it: cars tooted and people danced to dhol drummers, sang with the sitar player and huddled under the awnings to watch street theatre outside Madina Grill, Sado Bar and Carla’s Cafe - this was a sight to behold and a unexpected spectacle!

Over 210 people joined us at both the My Lincoln Road showcases at stories, tea and cake at Age UK on Friday 28th and then at the trail on the Saturday. Check out this short film to see what happened ...


Film by Red 7 Productions  | Photos by Matthew Usher Photography

Throughout the project, the team which consisted of artists, architects, software developers, designers and makers spoke with lots of residents, business owners and community group leaders to gather stories and memories. These stories are a wonderful snapshot of thoughts and opinions from people on the road today. Read them here ... 


A total of 7 businesses participated in the project, actively giving out cards with people’s stories of the road and hosting a lantern made at Allia Future Business Centre which was specifically designed to represent their business and culture. People were actively encouraged to collect the story cards from each business and connect to lantern to access the stories online at

Crowds of people including entire families or groups of friends came out from shops and cafes to enjoy this vibrant and unusual project, whether they stayed to watch just one act or joined us for the whole trail their joy and delight in what they were seeing was clear, making the experience truly unforgettable. ‘It was very nice to see the road used in this way - you should close the road next time!’ said one Peterborough resident while another commented ‘we need more like this here.’

Playfinding Peterborough, R&D Challenge

A group of creative industry professionals, undertaking Collusion’s R&D challenge Playfinding Peterborough, have spent the last 6 months investigating the Lincoln Road. Undertaking masterclasses with architects, designers and artists and spending time exploring the area and meeting all the individuals and groups that make the road what it is.

Our project #MyLincolnRoad is interested in celebrating the rich diversity that makes up the Lincoln Road and aims to encourage more people to explore and become curious about the area, and experience all that it has to offer.


What’s it all about?
At the core of our idea is a campaign which will take on multiple forms. It will be fluid and dynamic so it can reflect the diversity of the place it seeks to represent. It is about putting forward the true character, identity of the Lincoln Road, which we see as rich in all its colours, smells, sounds and as a place of ‘everyday’ multiculturalism.

First to say that we recognise all the strong community groups, independent businesses and individuals, that make and re-make the Lincoln road on on a daily basis. These people are the identity of the Lincoln Road and should be core in forming the identity of this project.

In order to ensure it is the people shaping the project, we will initiate a community campaign #mylincolnroad - in which we will invite the community to share stories, pattern, images relating to the Lincoln Road. This material will then inform the project (on an ongoing basis) which will manifest in a number of forms. 

Taking this further
Collusion is working in the area to take this R&D Challenge in to a major project which will investigate interventions for the road, it could be a gateway, civic seating or street lanterns. This will be developed in conversation with the local community and through workshops. We will produce visualisations of our initial ideas and get feedback at this early stage.

Follow the project on Twitter and add your stories using the hashtag #mylincolnroad.


Our fantastic partners are Arts Council England, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, Opportunity Peterborough, and Peterborough City Council with support from Allia Future Business Centre. 






Media coverage

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