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The Peterborough R&D Challenge is underway  

Playfinding Peteborough, R&D Challenge

A group of creative industry professionals, undertaking Collusion’s R&D challenge Playfinding Peterborough, have spent the last 6 months investigating the Lincoln Road. Undertaking masterclasses with architects, designers and artists and spending time exploring the area and meeting all the individuals and groups that make the road what it is.

Our project #MyLincolnRoad is interested in celebrating the rich diversity that makes up the Lincoln Road and aims to encourage more people to explore and become curious about the area, and experience all that it has to offer.


What’s it all about?
At the core of our idea is a campaign which will take on multiple forms. It will be fluid and dynamic so it can reflect the diversity of the place it seeks to represent. It is about putting forward the true character, identity of the Lincoln Road, which we see as rich in all its colours, smells, sounds and as a place of ‘everyday’ multiculturalism.

First to say that we recognise all the strong community groups, independent businesses and individuals, that make and re-make the Lincoln road on on a daily basis. These people are the identity of the Lincoln Road and should be core in forming the identity of this project.

In order to ensure it is the people shaping the project, we will initiate a community campaign #mylincolnroad - in which we will invite the community to share stories, pattern, images relating to the Lincoln Road. This material will then inform the project (on an ongoing basis) which will manifest in a number of forms. 

Taking this further
Collusion is working in the area to take this R&D Challenge in to a major project which will investigate interventions for the road, it could be a gateway, civic seating or street lanterns. This will be developed in conversation with the local community and through workshops. We will produce visualisations of our initial ideas and get feedback at this early stage.

Follow the project on Twitter and add your stories using the hashtag #mylincolnroad.

The deadline for applications has passed but you can read the brief and Q&A here 

  • Through a callout, we sought for artists, designers, software developers and other creative industries professionals from the Lincoln Road Millfield and wider Peterborough area to take part in our R&D Challenge, Playfinding Peterborough, 

  • Offering great professional development opportunities including learning new skills, building new networks, and gaining knowledge from people working in other creative fields.

Collusion launch our first R&D challenge in Peterborough in late-2017, looking for people to take part who're up for learning some new skills and applying them as part of a group challenge.

There’s a proven lack of open, green spaces in this area of Peterborough and air quality concerns. The project will explore solutions to these environmental concerns and ways to support place-finding in the area through two interconnected aspects: i) the construction of an outdoor structure in the Lincoln Road Millfield area; ii) the development of a series of performic events involving artists and local people, utilising the outdoor structure as a curated place, linking into diversity and community cohesion.. The final outcome will be delivered in Spring 2018 as part of a key public moment - the first planned temporary closure of Lincoln Road. 


Our fantastic partners are Arts Council England, Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP, Opportunity Peterborough, and Peterborough City Council with support from Allia Future Business Centre. 






Media coverage

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