Minecraft Wisbech // 2019 - Collusion

Minecraft Wisbech // 2019

Wisbech: Made in Minecraft is now live!

As part of our in_collusion 2016-19 project, we commissioned international virtual builders Blockworks to recreate a section of the town of Wisbech – in Minecraft! This amazing hand-built virtual world is now available for you to explore. 

To access the map, you will need to use Minecraft Java Edition 1.12.2.

Download from: https://github.com/collusion-org-uk/minecraft-wisbech

Minecraft Wisbech // 2019

Wisbech: Made in Minecraft sets out to demonstrate some of the creative possibilities of working in a virtual town. Animation artist and filmmaker Bunny Schendler worked with us to devise and produce a film titled Wisbech 2019: Made in Minecraft, set entirely in Wisbech Minecraft. It includes interviews with local people, capturing in their own voices thoughts about the town and ideas for the future, offering a refreshingly different point of view.

We also had the invaluable input of leading Minecraft artist and innovator Adam Clarke – aka Minecraft YouTuber Wizard Keen. Adam captured all of the Minecraft action for the film and led a live-streamed build on a number of specially designated Wisbech plots – including the river, the Gap in the High Street, and the Castle – as part of our launch event.

To help us investigate further the creative potential of Minecraft Wisbech, we’ve engaged with local organisations Wisbech Projects CIC and VAR Club, as well as the Penelope Club (creative women in business), the Wisbech Heritage Forum, pupils from the Thomas Clarkson Academy, and Wisbech Library. Together we’ve explored Minecraft Wisbech as a game space for cooperative play and problem solving, a fun tool for exploration and discovery, a place for recording remarkable facts about Wisbech’s heritage, and as a way of capturing people’s proudest moments and achievements.


Bunny Schendler

Bunny Schendler is a London-born animator and filmmaker whose work includes the BAFTA-nominated Channel Four commissioned short The World of Interiors, Candy Guard’s first Channel Four series Pond Life, and Adam B, a documentary about avant-garde musician Adam Bohman.

Adam Clarke

Adam is a leading Minecraft artist and digital producer. He uses Minecraft, games, traditional art, and technology to inspire and entertain, working globally with institutions, museums, schools, and companies. His work includes collaborations with Tate Britain, The Space, Guardian Newspapers, United for Wildlife, Disney, and many more.


  • Lorena Hodgson / Wisbech Projects CIC

  • Jacob Nixon / VAR


  • Arts Council England
  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority
  • Market Place