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How can we help?

Collusion regularly works with artists and cultural organisations – cross artform – to support them on their journey with creative technology. Take a look below and email us at info@collusion.org.uk to discuss your needs.

R + D

Our R+D days or ‘play days’ are practice-led, allowing artists to get stuck in with exploring the possibilities of creative technology within their practice. These days can be tailored to fit the needs of whatever stage your project is at: whether it’s an idea in the early stages of development and you want to try out a range of different technologies and see how it impacts your work, or if you have a more focused vision and want to do further testing and prototyping. These days are led by your own creativity, and we’ll work collaboratively with you to ensure you get the most out of your time with us. We also have a range of kit available to bring into R+D sessions, including VR headsets, projectors, sensors and software.

R+D days cost from £565 per day plus travel based on support from two of Collusion’s team. They can be held at a venue of your choice or at our space in King’s Lynn.


Need some help working through an idea or a funding bid? Or would you like us to introduce you to different creative technology options that could help move your project forwards, suggesting other work to research and sign posting to relevant creatives you could reach out to? Or do you just need help with that bit of software or equipment to get you project over the line? We’re always up for having a chat about cool creative tech projects that people are working on, and we hope that we can bring some value to your work in the process.

Starting at £100 per hour, we can offer remote Zoom based mentoring, spread over a period to meet your needs.


We deliver high quality skills development opportunities focused on creative use of new technologies. These can be in person, with some also available via Zoom. Workshops are fully customisable and usually last between two and five hours depending on the topic and how hands on you want them to be. Here some examples of ‘ready to go’ sessions:

  • Introduction to … ’ workshop series // These two to three hours online sessions are designed to provide an accessible introduction to a topic exploring techniques, considerations, hardware and software. Topics include 3D modelling, mixed realities, outdoor projection, visual mixing, interactive artworks, and green screen & virtual production. Cost: from £500 online or £650 plus travel for in person workshops.
  • Introduction to creative technologies // This practical, hands on workshop is takes participants through a range of tech such as interactive sensors, virtual reality, and virtual production to build awareness and understanding of the hardware and software involved, demonstrating how they can be used creatively. A perfect (and fun!) starting point for artists, staff, project teams, and boards. Cost: from £650 plus travel.

Space & equipment

Need somewhere to do your R&D or run your own activities? Collusion’s White Barn space in King’s Lynn could be a good option for you. We can offer a limited number of space opportunities for like minded artists and organisations, with prices from £150 per day.

We also have some equipment that is available to borrow on a short-term basis to like minded artists and organisations, including projectors, VR headsets, midi controllers, and speakers.

Please contact us at info@collusion.org.uk for more information.