My fingers distended as honey dripped from your lips... // 2019 - Collusion

My fingers distended as honey dripped from your lips… // 2019

Commissioned for Collusion 2019

Adham Faramawy’s 360-degree dance film My fingers distended as honey dripped from your lips and we danced in a circular motion investigates the idea of embodied viewing – considering how being immersed in a 360-degree dance might make a person more aware of their own body.

Adham Faramawy // Collusion 2019.

Allowing the technology to delineate their movements, four dancers move anti-clockwise around the viewer, fluidly shifting from solo to duet to trio. Meanwhile, animations of a fungus start to appear and ultimately metabolise the video. This piece builds on Faramawy’s existing body of work, which uses technology to address issues of materiality, touch, embodiment, and identity construction.

Collusion supported Faramawy through a 12-month programme of research and development to realise the work, connecting him with key partners. Faramawy worked with The Fusion Works, a digital innovations agency specialising in virtual reality technology, to develop his 360° film.


Adham Faramawy

Adham Faramawy is an emerging artist working with technology. He was nominated for the Jarman Award in 2017 and was recently involved with the Royal Academy’s Virtually Real programme, supported by HTC.


  • The Fusion Works


  • Arts Council England
  • Cambridge & Peterborough Combined Authority
  • Cambridge Consultants
  • Arm
  • Anglia Ruskin University