• Collusion commissions announced

    September 2017: WANTED bold, ambitious proposals from artists of all disciplines to deliver interactive, immersive experiences exploring the impact of technology on society. Deadline | 17 October 2017 @ 12 noon

    We're looking to commission a series of groundbreaking new artworks across the broad spectrum of art, technology and human interaction. Artists are invited to propose projects that meet our criteria and with a value of £10-20k. Proposals will be selected that are creative, thought-provoking and take a fresh perspective on the themes and core concerns of our time.

    Collusion’s commissioning partners are Arts Council England, the Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough Local Economic Partnership (GCGP), Arm, Cambridge Consultants, Anglia Ruskin University, and the Centre for Future Intelligence.

    Visit to read the full brief, FAQs and submit your proposal. 

  • Find out about our amazing artists labs

    May 2017: Collusion's most recent lab brought together 8 artists from across the UK to delve into virtual, augmented and mixed reality. 

    The artists explored and produced work using new virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies including the HTC Vive using Tilt Brush, 360 cameras and the Microsoft Hololens. Leading experts from University of Cambridge Engineering department, Anglia Ruskin University's gaming department, Sedgwick Museum and established digital artists such as Gibson/Martelli and Kinicho VR joined the artists mid-week to showcase the latest techniques and methodologies. The event closed on Friday 19th May, where the artists present their experience and ideas to Collusion’s partners and key representatives from Cambridge’s arts and technology sectors. #collusionlabs

    Supported by Arts Council England & the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough LEP, Arm, Cambridge Consultants, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Cambridge Museums, Leverhulme Centre of Future of Intelligence and Cambridge Junction. 

    Check out our labs

  • New art projections, King’s Lynn town centre 

    29 Sept - 1st Oct 2017: Collusion is pleased to present a one-off showcase of four exciting, experimental arts projects working with the projectors in King’s Lynn town centre. For one weekend only, as dusk falls over the town, Collusion invites you to experience and interact directly with these unique works.

    Sounds, images, data, film and archives feature in the prototype projects created by four teams of artists and creative professionals for the Lynn Lumiere light projection sites. 

    Over four months, the teams have collaborated to create these projects, which will be shown at the Tuesday Market Place, the Custom House, Greyfriars Tower and King’s Lynn Arts Centre. Working closely with King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council, Collusion has supported the teams to test early-stage ideas, experiment and push the boundaries of live data and projection technologies placed around King’s Lynn town centre.

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