• Watch our short films on great tech invented in Cambridge

    SHORT FILMS: Cambridge Invents is a series that celebrates great Cambridge inventions and the teams behind them.  We want to share Cambridge's story with the people of the city and beyond, and the stories behind these incredible and often internationally significant inventions are really worth sharing!  Our series of films bring you face to face with the creators of Cambridge born technology including Raspberry Pi with Eben Upton, the ARM processor with Sophie Wilson and the webcam with Quentin Stafford-Fraser. Still to come ... Kinect's computer vision and the the BBC Micro. #cambridgeinvents

    Supported by Red Gate, the University of Cambridge Museums and Arts Council England. 

  • Data Shadow: does sharing our data compromise our anonymity?

    26 OCT - 1 NOV: Our 2015 commission, Data Shadow by multimedia artist, Mark Farid explored the issue of access to the personal data on our mobile phones, how this is being shared, the online data shadow this creates and it's impact on our right to anonymity. 

    Data Shadow was an individual experience, taking place in a 8x2m shipping container in central Cambridge. During their journey through the container, the participant will come face to face with their own data shadow. Hundreds of people visited Data Shadow - visit the programme page to find our more, see images, tweets, and media coverage.

    Commissioned by Collusion in partnership with The Technology Partnership, the University of Cambridge and Arts Council England. Read more

  • NEWS: Fundraising success for In_Collusion 2016 - 2019

    CREATIVE ENTERPRISE: We've been working with a range of partners for more than 12 months to develop our next programme - a creative enterprise programme focusing on increasing digital innovation across the arts and digital creative industries. Today, Arts Council England announces a major award of £325,000 for in_collusion from the Ambition for Excellence fund. We said: "Collusion is delighted that our Arts Council England bid has been successful. We're really excited to get started on in_collusion, which we believe will be a transformative initiative in digital creativity and innovation across the area and in the arts nationally"

    The programme will incorporate i) a talent development programme for emerging artists from across the UK, providing access to skills, learning, support and expertise, with a linked commissioning programme and ii) the development of creative enterprise activity in five hubs across the GCGP area based on local strengths and needs, supporting knowledge transfer out of Cambridge. 

    If you are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch

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