Electric Citizens // August 2019 - Collusion

Electric Citizens // August 2019

A Summer Labs programme for children and young people to take part in a range of creative technology workshop

In 2019, Collusion worked with creative associates to design and deliver an astounding line up of workshops, which created amazing things.

Electric Citizens Summer Labs // Collusion 2019

Collusion worked with our creative associates to design and deliver an amazing line up of workshops ranging from two hours to a full day in length. The full schedule is below.

Day 1: Artist and maker Katy Marshall delivered two 2-hour workshops exploring maker projects. The first saw the group creating small houses from cardboard, putting together components to add neo-pixel lighting and then coding the lights using Micro:bits to pulse at a particular speed and colour.  The second workshop, focused on creating custom games controllers, encouraging the participants to be super creative in thinking up unusual ways to control the games using electronic circuits.

Day 2: The Centre for Computing History’s Anjali Das delivered two 2-hour workshops, starting with Sounds of the City where they experimented with different ways to create circuits that produced sounds -including with Play Doh and people! The second workshop tested participants sewing skills and they used conductive thread to create designs that would light up leds.

Day 3: VR artist and graphic designer Lee Mason delivered two 3-hour workshops that saw participants delving into the world of VR.  In the first, the groups created sculptures in VR using Tiltbrush which they then were able to view in ‘real life’ as augmented reality. The second workshop saw participants designing 3D vehicles in VR which were then transferred in Roblox and driven around.

Day 4: The final session was delivered by artists and VJ’s Janice Oliver and Michelle Brace. This all day session helped young people to understand how to mix visuals to music using a range of software tools and techniques, creating some amazing videos.  Click on the film in the Media section of this page to see the final outcome!


Katy Marshall, Anjali Das, Lee Mason, Janice Oliver, Michelle Brace


  • Cambridge Junction