Let the Leaves Change ... // 2020 - Collusion

Let the Leaves Change … // 2020

Collusion is working with artist Michelle Brace to create a projected installation for Ramsey and Wisbech town centres 

Let the Leaves Change ... // 2020

Let the Leaves Change… alludes to the continuous movement and change a place experiences over time, and how the people there contribute to its vibrancy and uniqueness. Whilst change happens there are some things which remain constant.

The work will be a digital mix of locally sourced film clips including footage of trees, water and light. The top layer in this continuously evolving composition will be made from leaves, designed, captured and contributed by local communities.  Residents of Ramsey and Wisbech have been invited to get creative and design their own leaf to contribute to the project. Details of how to do this can be found here.

The final artworks will be shown in the windows of Ramsey Library and an empty shop in Wisbech town centre – dates to be confirmed.

Let the Leaves Change … is produced by and created in partnership with Collusion and commissioned by The Library Presents.


Michelle Brace 

Michelle Brace is a VJ, digital artist and creative producer. Find out more about Michelle and her practice by watching her ART // TECH // PLAY video.


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