Michelle Brace on visual mixing with Resolume - Collusion

Michelle Brace on visual mixing with Resolume

Find out how Resolume can be used to mix images in live contexts

Collusion’s ART // TECH // PLAY video series shares insights from artists about their work with creative technologies, aiming to spark curiosity and act as an introduction for others who would like to incorporate similar techniques into their work and practice.

Michelle Brace is a VJ, digital artist and creative producer. Instagram @mich_unlocked

Bands & venues

Waxmus // The Christmas edition of DJ Club event ‘Wax on the Waterfront’ held at the Steamboat Tavern in Ipswich. Some images courtesy of artist Boo Dendy / Asboluv: instagram @asboluv

New Dreams // Audio live mixed by Mawhrin Skel : https://andrewculture.com/

Birds : Between Worlds // With VJ artist Janice Oliver aka Digital Artist Madam BoHo

Electric Citizens // Summer 2019 creative technology workshops programme produced by Collusion. Electric Citizens design: Lee Mason. Participant/actress: Xo Eng-Mann

Virtual events // VR Burn Festival  Lost Horizon Festival

Music – end sequence // DJ Smoothgroove

Some photos and video shots thanks to Rich Hall @ Collusion. 


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