Karen Eng on creating art with Tagtool - Collusion

Karen Eng on creating art with Tagtool

Find out how to use Tagtool to create dynamic projections

Collusion’s ART // TECH // PLAY video series shares insights from artists about their work with creative technologies, aiming to spark curiosity and act as an introduction for others who would like to incorporate similar techniques into their work and practice.

Karen Eng is a writer and multidisciplinary artist transplanted from the West Coast of California to the Norfolk coast of England. Her visual work straddles analog and digital media – from traditional letterpress printing to still and moving lens-based images and large-scale animated projections on medieval buildings. A longtime participant in multiuser digital worlds, she’s currently exploring the possibilities of VR and cryptoart as tools of expression. She’s a founding member of the 105collective, a group of UK-based artists bringing a diversity of voices to the cryptoart space. More at karenfranceseng.com / Twitter & Instagram @oculardelusion / 105collective.uk

Karen’s videos in full:

Thanks to the artists who contributed their work to this video: Omai/Tagtool crew / Sofía Córdoba / Lorenzo Tabacchion/off (Nikolai Kozin & Martin Lau)

Music: “Rains of April” (instrumental) by Gaby Alter  “Bajo” by Dj Hema Toma (with Sofía’s clips) “Lofi chill beat” by Dj Rena (with Lorenzo’s clips) “Deep in February” by Yes Gabriel (Gaby Alter“Incantation” by Oyster Uranus  “Dance of the Ice Cream Circus” by Karen Frances Eng “Transition/Peace” by Gary Daly


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