Sian Fan on mixing realities - Collusion

Sian Fan on mixing realities

Find out how Sian has combined physical and virtual practices in her work

Collusion’s ART // TECH // PLAY video series shares insights from artists about their work with creative technologies, aiming to spark curiosity and act as an introduction for others who would like to incorporate similar techniques into their work and practice.

Sian Fan is an interdisciplinary artist based in London, where she is artist in residence at the Sarabande Foundation. Her work combines movement, the female body and technology to explore embodiment, spirituality and human experience in the digital age. She works across mediums, combining the physical and the virtual through sculpture, performance, animation, moving image and virtual & augmented reality, and seeks to create works that heighten our awareness of the experience of being online. She is fascinated by virtual identities, and in how we construct virtual bodies which exist in hyperspace beyond our physical bodies. Info on Sian’s work can be found at


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