Collusion commissions 

Programme to develop bold new works  

The commissions works will be announced in Jan/Feb 2018

In September 2017, Collusion put out a call for artists to propose bold, ambitious new works

Collusion commissions support the creation of inspiring art and experiences by leading professional UK artists working with emerging technologies. We are looking to commission and present a series of groundbreaking new artworks across the broad spectrum of art, technology and human interaction. Bold, ambitious proposals will be selected that are creative, thought-provoking and take a fresh perspective on the themes and core concerns of our time.

The deadline for applications has now passed (12 noon, 17 October 2017); the BRIEF is available here for information only.

  • We were seeking works that are originated creatively, which then move through to R&D before being manifested as full scale artworks. 

  • Proposed works should also consider how they might illustrate, explore or address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Technology will play a key role in addressing the Goals and artists can make a vital contribution by providing alternative perspectives. 

  • The commissions are open to UK artists across all disciplines, as well as arts organisations, collectives and creatives assembled around cross-disciplinary making, including those working across art and technology.

  • We don’t expect artists to have all of the skills to build a project, but must demonstrate the experience and ability to manage and sustain a project from R&D to exhibition.

  • Successful projects will be in development from January/February 2018 to March 2019, leading to a major exhibition taking place in Cambridge in April 2019 as the culmination of the three-year in_collusion programme. 

  • Collusion will support the development period as producers and in collaboration with academics and technology businesses in Cambridge.

  • Projects will have outline budgets in the range of £10,000 - £20,000. 

Simon Poulter and Rachel Drury, Collusion’s Directors, say: “In this call out we invite artists to come forward with proposals that situate creativity at the heart of digital culture. We want to hear from diverse voices with new ideas.” 

Collusion’s partners for the commissioning programme are Arts Council England, the Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough Local Economic Partnership (GCGP), Arm, Cambridge Consultants, Anglia Ruskin University, and the Centre for Future Intelligence.


Data Shadow by Mark Farid - 26 October to 01 November 2015

Artist Mark Farid's Data Shadow installation aimed to encourage the public to question the privacy they sacrifice by using an internet connected mobile phone using apps, cloud storage services, and social media. Just what are you agreeing to share?  Data Shadow was Collusion's Real Time Commission for 2015, commissioned by Collusion in partnership with The Technology Partnership, the University of Cambridge and Arts Council England.

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