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Maker Takeover: Bury St Edmunds

Bury St Edmunds - Friday 02 November 2018  

The Bury St Edmunds Maker Takeover was a FREE day-into-evening event perfect for creative businesses, innovators, tech people, artists and those interested in finding out about leading-edge technologies. 

It introduced new perspectives, tech tools and possibilities through a programme of performances, talks and workshops. The work of extraordinary makers, games designers, builders of custom controllers, virtual reality sculptors, alongside artist innovation projects, and more, were on show.

As day merged into evening we opened the VR Gallery in the bar followed by an eclectic mix of live audio visual performances.

Collusion events are informal, conversational and cutting edge - aimed at showing off the region’s rich talent across art and technology. They are perfect for meeting interesting people, finding new creative & business partners and exchanging ideas: BE in_collusion.

R&D Challenge: Reframing Bury St Edmunds - New public works playfully explore our data is collected 

This Challenge brought together three teams of local artists and creatives over five months (23rd November 2017 to 21st April 2018), supporting them through a series of professional development activity to produce three data-driven R&D artworks for the town centre that  investigated the way our data is collected and can be playfully interacted with. The artworks created included live outdoor performances and interactive technology. For one weekend in April, residents were able to explore the prototype works, with over 200 people interacting with the live art during the weekend. The short film below sums up the project perfectly ...

Film by Gavin Toomey

Collusion worked with three groups of artists and creatives from the area to support development of prototype ideas for new public work

Team Amoeba used facial recognition software to present their new avatar called ‘Teo’ who tracks your facial expressions in return for your time in front of the screen. Teo was presented in a number of shop windows and locations across the town. This project is headed up by Barbara Dougan and Henry Driver.

Team Difficult Spaces inaugurated and animated a new route through the town with the unveiling of ‘Pigeon Parade’ Here a range of pigeon inspired installations triggered a range of actions by bluetooth as pedestrians explore this newly named cut through alleyway that will be Bury’s very own version of Diagon Alley. This team is headed up by Liz Cooke, Mark Wharton, Deborah Martin-Pipe, and Jac Campbell.

Team WSC is lead by Gary Willis and the exciting emerging playwright James McDermott who created new story monologues for eight of the drama students to present about their sense of identity and self in between the shop and alley locations of the other two teams.

Collusion worked with the teams to develop these projects through a series of masterclasses and hands-on workshops. 

Read the brief and Q&A set for the teams here 

Bury St Edmunds R&D Challenge was a five month experimental placemaking project exploring new ideas for data driven public artworks that encourage public interaction within and across the town centre, testing  new creative digital interventions that could animate the town centre, attract new visitors, including young people, improve wayfinding, and support greater footfall across the different areas. 

The project challenged and supported teams of participants to come up with novel ways to collect data (all anonymised, macro level) and create interactive projects, leading to a series of temporary prototype installations across the town centre to be explored by members of the public and audiences using smart devices as part of a time limited exhibition period.  

The project took place between November 2017 and February 2018 and comprised three parts: i) a series of professional development workshops; ii) the creation of a new data driven artwork or prototype, with iii) a public showing of the outcomes.  Each team received a total fee of £1,000 for parts ii and iii.



Our fantastic partners are Arts Council England, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, West Suffolk Council, and Our St Edmundsbury BID, with support from West Suffolk College. 





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