Colourful pavilions designed by Charles Holland Architects for sale! - Collusion

Colourful pavilions designed by Charles Holland Architects for sale!11 September 2019

The Collusion 2019 Pavilions, designed by architect Charles Holland, are four structures – each with its own unique shape, size, and colour – built to house six artworks commissioned for the Collusion 2019 showcase. These beautiful pavilions are now for sale to help support future Collusion projects. If you are interested in buying them, please contact us at for more details. 

Here is the crucial information:

HOW BIG ARE THEY? WHAT ARE THEY MADE FROM? There are four structures, each with its own unique shape, size and colour. Two are 7.3m (sides) by 4.5m (front & rear), and two are 4.9m (sides) by 4.5m (front & rear). They all have sloped roofs that are 2.4m high at the rear and 3.2m at the front.

They are constructed from timber, coloured corrugated metal and birch-faced plywood. The birch ply is untreated so not weatherproof for permanent use. However, this is easily remedied either by treating the ply or using alternative weatherproof cladding. Inside, each pavilion is painted black.

WHERE ARE THE PAVILIONS NOW? CAN I SEE THEM? They are currently flat-packed in dry storage at a farm near Cambridge, which means it’s not possible to view them in person. However, you can watch our short film about the pavilions in the Media section of this page. There are also great images on the project page and in this Architecture Now article.

After the Collusion 2019 showcase, the pavilions were deconstructed with care. All of the parts are labelled, and codified rebuild plans will be provided to the purchaser. We estimate that the basic rebuild would take approximately 7 days with a team of four strong workers. We can provide the contact details of the carpenter who built and took down the pavilions if you would like to talk to him about managing the rebuild.

WHAT COULD THEY BE USED FOR? The pavilions are essentially beautiful architect-designed sheds that could have many uses. With some small modifications, they could be permanently sited. We’d love to see them re-purposed for other arts projects, e.g. as a temporary/fixed exhibition space or as artists’ studios. They would also make amazing glamping-style holiday pods or a series of activity spaces.

ARE THERE DOORS, FLOORS & WINDOWS? Each pavilion has basic wooden doors that can be locked with a padlock from the outside. Although designed to include floors, the pavilions were ultimately built without them. However, it would be easy and relatively inexpensive to add the floors using the architectural plans, which will be provided to the purchaser. The pavilions were designed as blackout spaces, so there are currently no windows and none in the architectural plans but, again, if required, it would be fairly easy to add some in the frames.

ARE THERE ELECTRICS? No, as these were all added separately for the showcase. However, the paneled design of the pavilions makes it easy to add these and to create a cavity to hide them on either side of the frame.

STORAGE & TRANSPORTATION: The purchaser will be liable for any additional storage costs from date of sale, plus transportation and rebuild costs. We hired a transportation company who used a 9m arctic crane trailer with a ‘toast rack’ (our term) to securely stack and hold the various parts. It required two loads to move everything.

HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT FOR THEM? We are keen to raise as much money as possible to support Collusion’s future work. The pavilions cost £60,000 – covering the design commission, materials, and construction, but we’d take offers close to £20,000 and will entertain any serious enquiries.

OTHER QUESTIONS? All the information above is correct to our best knowledge and the sale will be on this basis. If you have further questions or would like to make an offer, please contact us at We will endeavour to reply swiftly.