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Artists’ callout: Living in Changing Landscapes project24 April 2023

Collusion and our partners are seeking two freelance artists to take part in the inital phase of an innovative research project. Living in Changing Landscapes will explore the climate impact on our natural landscapes with the communities who live there through immersive arts experiences.

Deadline: 12 noon on 26 May 2023. BRIEF. APPLY.

The Landscapes partners – Norwich University of the Arts, Anglia Ruskin University, The Broads Authority, and Collusion, seek two artists to join the initial stage of the research project. Selected artists will participate in a series of research and development labs leading to a proposal for an immersive artwork by January 2024 for work based in the Fens or the Broads, addressing one or more of the following areas of interest: 

  • Lost landscapes, where land and communities are being or will be lost to coastal erosion over the next 50 years due to coastal erosion, e.g. Hemsby or Norfolk villages that have been lost completely since the 1960s.
  • Changing landscapes, where inland areas and waterways including the Fens and Broads will be flooded by seawater over the next 50 years, changing the biodiversity and associated industry forever. 
  • Inaccessible and sensitive sites, where encouraging visitors would lead to serious damage and/ or risk to life, e.g Sea Henge.
  • Urban memories that reflect on past and future climate impacts on people and landscapes such as flooding and temperature changes within a town or city, e.g Norwich 1912 and 1953. 

Artists are invited to consider not just the history and current situation of a place or the communities that live there, but also its future, to speculate and suggest future narratives, concepts and ideas that sees places, for example, lost or adapting to new circumstances. The resulting artwork could also support social and mental anxiety around climate change by postulating imaginable futures co-created with communities that allow them to see beyond the damage of today and the coming changes.  

Selected artists will receive a fee of £5,000 plus expenses and will join creatives from the academic partners on the project.