Four supporting artists sought for major project in King's Lynn - Collusion

Four supporting artists sought for major project in King’s Lynn15 December 2021

DEADLINE: 12 January 2022


Collusion is an arts and technology organisation based in Cambridge and West Norfolk. Since 2016 we have been the lead delivery partner for the Borough of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk’s GAME ON project, a series of climate change themed projects that seek to maximise the opportunity presented by the town’s location, emerging creative industries and permanently sited, large scale projection infrastructure. Following DRAWDOWN (2020) and The Intergalactic Hanseatic League (2021), the final project in this series is MANIFESTO.

For this project, we’ll work with 800+ young people to create a climate change manifesto for the town culminating in a major public artwork in 2021 that reflects, communicates, and champions the manifesto. The project will be part of Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2022.

The Neutrinos/Klanghaus have been appointed as the lead artists for the project and have developed an overarching vision for the creative realisation of Manifesto. We are looking for four supporting artists to work alongside the Neutrinos/Klanghaus, the wider Collusion team and the engaged young people to deliver the elements of the project identified below:

  1. Visual artist to lead a design project to create multiple imaginative designs of a cardboard based element that will feature in the parade, creating the ‘how to’ kit and instructions for broad engagement plus working with one or two specific groups of young people directly. Supporting the execution of this element as part of the final event in
    May 2022.
  2. Sound artist to lead a project to develop audio trails
    using an existing app e.g. Echoes, creating the ‘how to’ kit and instructions for broad engagement plus working with one or two specific groups of young people directly. Supporting the execution of this element as part of the final event in May 2022.
  3. Digital visual artist to create visuals for the five projection sites. These will make use of symbols co-created for the project with young people and appear across the town between March and May 2022.
  4. A Carnival or street artist to design, manage and deliver a parade in May 2022 as part of the final event that will showcase the items from project 1 and include the creation of flags/banners using sustainable methods. The artist will work with groups of young people to co-design
    and deliver the activity. Experience of managing live street events required.

In terms of the emphasis of the type of engagement we are looking to achieve with young people, it’s about:

Co-creation, supporting the young people to bring their ideas to the table and execute them whilst supporting quality outcomes and working within the artistic vision of the lead artists.

Breadth and depth, allowing many young people to get involved via mass means (e.g. kits, instructional videos and/or written guidance) alongside working with smaller groups on more in-depth responses. [note: our overall target is to engage 800 young people aged 11 – 25].

Sustainability, it’s important that all activity is designed to be as sustainable as possible so we should be looking to recycle, repurpose and use digital distribution where possible.


January 2022 // appointment of supporting artists. Group of young people start to meet weekly as a leadership group for the project.
02 February // public launch of project and offer to schools / young people in terms of activities they can sign up for / engage with.
February to May 2022 // Delivery of supporting arts projects & development of manifesto.
Circa 14 May 2022 // parade and final show as part of Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2022.

Commission Process

We are not asking artists to submit ideas for projects. This is because we will need to brief you on the wider vision and ideas for the project before supporting projects are developed. We are instead asking for artists with the right experience, who are interested in joining our team to express an interest in getting involved.

Interested artists – individuals or companies, should submit an expression of interest indicating which of the supporting activities they are interested in and why (up to 300 words equivalent) and a current CV with links to any recent, relevant works. If you have it, artists should provide evidence of having a current DBS check.

Expressions of interest should be submitted to by 2pm on Wednesday 12 January 2022. (Audio and video applications will be accepted, if that is your preference.)

The commissioners will be looking to select artists with:

  • A close connection with King’s Lynn and its surroundings.
  • Recent, relevant experience of working within a creative team and young people.
  • A demonstrable interest in climate change and in the development of creative responses to the most urgent crisis of our time.
  • A desire to engage in place based work which reflects the unique character of King’s Lynn, its inhabitants and their concerns.


Supporting artists will be paid at the rate of £200 per day with an overall fee of £2,000 – £2,500 inclusive of VAT and any travel expenses to devise and deliver the project. Additional budgets will be provided for project materials.

Project Management

As part of the contracting process, successful artists, Collusion and LJQ (the Creative Producers for the project) will agree to respective expectations for reporting, updating, evaluating and meeting in line with Collusion’s Playing Nicely Principles (see below). Project Management is supported through use of shared cloud computing space Google Drive and team working site Slack, with the majority of production meetings taking place via Zoom.

Diversity and Inclusion

Collusion wants to ensure that their work and that of the artists they support reflects the breadth of society. Diversity is about recognising, respecting and valuing people’s differences to contribute and to realise their full potential by promoting an inclusive culture for all. Collusion defines diversity as including ethnicity, age, sexuality, gender, (dis)ability, socio-economic circumstances, and religion. We would expect supporting artist to take an active role in ensuring that the diversity of the world we live in is reflected in all aspects of this project with which they are involved.


The partners for the project are King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council, New Anglia LEP, Norfolk & Norwich Festival, and Norfolk County Council, with more expected to be confirmed.

Playing Nicely

We want our artists and associates to work to clear terms:
● We want people to develop enhanced skills and creativity.
● We want to make great works that surprise people.
● We want artists to grow their practice.
● We want to create a networked economy of practitioners who ‘play nicely’.
● We want to evaluate our own performance and improve.
● We want to demonstrate the value of the creative industries in the wider region.
● We want to reduce barriers to accessing excellence in the creative sector by listening and gaining insights from our work.
● We want to achieve demonstrable diversity in our work across the board. and for this to be reflected in the outcomes of what we do.
● We want associates to allow for reflective feedback and evaluation during project work and to avoid this being done as a perfunctory measure at the end of a session or project.
● We favour ‘open source’ approaches to knowledge sharing.
● We are platform neutral (we want people to use the tools they are comfortable with and where possible give them informed and impartial guidance.)
● We will use some common tools for remote working and collaboration e.g. Google and Slack.
● Avoiding the culture of ‘experts’ but celebrating people who have great skills.
● Understanding that creative technology is about people and not just technology.