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About us

Collusion is an arts organisation. We create and produce new public artworks - our own and other artists' projects, that explore the creative use of technologies and the impact of emerging technology on society. Our activities support artists' talent development and place-making to deliver dynamic, imaginative new experiences for the public.

We're inherently collaborative, creating new shared space with our colluders - artists and associates from the cultural and wider creative sectors, academics, commercial technologists and anyone with a contribution to make! We seek to create a supportive environment that supports playful experimentation and risk taking, leading to new ideas, collaborations, and creative innovation. Oh - and we have a great tech kit too.

We're based at Cambridge Junction and in King's Lynn but work with artists from around the UK on projects across the region including in Norwich, Ipswich, St Neots and Wisbech. We're a not for profit company. Our income comes predominantly from project based grants with some generated through our support for other artists and delivering skills programmes; we have no core funding.

Our mission: to build an international profile for the wider Cambridge area as an R&D centre for interdisciplinary arts and technology collaboration, to generate work that could only have been produced here.

Collusion was founded in 2014 by Rachel Drury and Simon Poulter. You can find out more about the Collusion team here.