SOUNDING OUT: Young person callout - Collusion

SOUNDING OUT: Young person callout18 May 2023

Exploring identities through the hidden sounds of Kings Lynn.

Sounding Out is an opportunity to make a statement in King’s Lynn about what’s important to you! If you’re aged 16 to 25 years and based in King’s Lynn or connected to it, SIGN UP TODAY to be part of the team behind this awesome project. 

During this project, we will build a collection of audio entirely unique to this part of the world and shaped by you! We want these sounds to come from the places that relate to you and your identity: the buildings, people, sights and sounds, to explore the hidden voices within. We will also be working with visual artist Francesca Cant to explore the architecture of Kings Lynn, to inform visual art and sonic sculpture.

Through a series of workshops we will experiment with recording the sounds of the town using a range of extended and unusual field recording techniques. We’re talking hydrophones, electromagnetic conductivity, contact microphones, and geophones. You will learn new practical skills, build our own contact microphones, and look at ways of using these recordings to make and perform experimental music and sound art. The workshop led by Francesca will involve gathering information through photography, thumbnail sketches, and frottage, and then using a variety of mediums to create visuals for the project!

The audio and corresponding visual material will be used collaboratively to create a large-scale installation at Greyfriars Tower in October 2023, where sound will be projected through solid surfaces. Together, we will also create a performance to take place as part of the 11tHour festival in mid October.

The workshops will be held at the White Barn, which is part of the Guildhall site on King Street. Audio workshops will run on Thursdays from 4 – 6pm and the visual workshop will run from 1 – 5pm. We hope you’ll be available to attend the majority of sessions.


  • 22, 29 June
  • 6, 13, 20 July
  • 7, 21 Sep


  • 24 June

If you have any questions, get in touch on You can sign up to join the team here.

Thanks to Clarion Housing, Norfolk County Council, and Arts Council England for supporting this project.