Shaun PRICKIMAGE on walkabout projection - Collusion

Shaun PRICKIMAGE on walkabout projection

Find out about this dynamic approach to projection art

Collusion’s ART // TECH // PLAY video series shares insights from artists about their work with creative technologies, aiming to spark curiosity and act as an introduction for others who would like to incorporate similar techniques into their work and practice.

Shaun PRICKIMAGE creates optically intoxicating digital visuals for art, events and brands. He can make spaces come alive with playful bespoke reactive projections and installations.

The reactive visuals can be programmed to respond to sound or even the movement of the viewer. 

With the WALKABOUT Projection technology, he can create thrilling pop-up performances just about anywhere using a HD mobile projection system. Projections can roam free outdoors or indoors with no need for cables or screens, also being scalable it can be applied to a range of environments and purposes. 

Check him out on INSTAGRAM /  LINKEDIN / TWITTER /  LINKTREE /  to see more of his work & connect.






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