Reeta Varpama on making short films - Collusion

Reeta Varpama on making short films

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Collusion’s ART // TECH // PLAY video series shares insights from artists about their work with creative technologies, aiming to spark curiosity and act as an introduction for others who would like to incorporate similar techniques into their work and practice.

Reeta Varpama is a writer, director and an award-winning editor. She has built an extensive body of work over the course of 10+ years in both commercial and independent film. The stresses, deliberations and fundamental questions of modern life are at the core of her narrative explorations. The impending existential crises of her generation are a driving force in her work, and her ultimate goal is to help people laugh through their tears at the absurdity of it all. More on Reeta Varpama’s work can be found at


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