Wisbech: The Brink of the Future

Saturday 4 - Sunday 5 November 2017

Step into the future, 100 years from now, and journey with Pipp and her robot friend Caleb as they battle to save the region’s digital memory from draining into the Fens. 

This is Wisbech but not as you know it. This is Wisbech in 2117.

The Brink of the Future - is a brand new web app that uses augmented reality and open source technology and launches this weekend - giving users the opportunity to ‘walk through a vision of Wisbech’s future’. It is the first app to animate augments created using Google Blocks and can be accessed on multiple devices from a basic MP-3 player through to android smartphones and iPhones with the newly launched i05 11 operating system.

“This is a project set along the North Brink in Wisbech,” explains Simon Poulter “it imagines a future where the town has become an important centre for power generation from renewable resources and also the memory for the whole region. Wisbech has a rich history as an economic centre and we wanted to update the story, encouraging people to imagine what it could be like in 2117. We have worked with creative people in the town over a 5 month period and as a first we will be using augmented reality within the story.”


The team is made up of marketing and digital professionals as well as two local graduates who returned to Wisbech looking to engage with exciting projects to boost their skills and allow them to meet new people. This core team worked over the summer to build the experience through a series professional development sessions including workshops on augmented reality, locative media, building the story and mapping out the route for the experience. 

In this project, Collusion have worked with people from a variety backgrounds, ages and connections to Wisbech to engage the community and incorporate their voices and aspirations into imaging Wisbech 100 years from now.

Working with Market Place, the Creative People & Places initiative for Fenland and Forest Heath and Tin Fish Creative, Collusion and lead artist and writer, Lucy Sheerman have supported the core team to gather these stories from the wider community and test early-stage ideas to envisage a futuristic view of the town. 

Offering a new way to explore the world with accessible augmented reality, The Brink of the Future is a fun and innovative trail available for anyone, young and old,  to enjoy. Curated tours will run from outside the Wisbech Museum on the hour from 10am with the last tour setting off at 2pm on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November, make sure you save the date and join us!


About: The in_collusion programme, a three year talent development programme, is helping creative people and businesses to develop new skills and ideas around three emerging technologies - artificial intelligence, data culture, and virtual/augmented/mixed reality. Collusion is working in Wisbech alongside four other hubs across the region: King's Lynn, Peterborough, Huntingdon and Bury St Edmunds.

The programme is supported by Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence fund, the Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough LEP, and tech partners, Arm and Cambridge Consultants. In addition, The Brink is supported by Market Place, the Creative People & Places initiative for Fenland and Forest Heath and Tin Fish Creative Communications.