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Collusion is a not for profit organisation with no core funding so we need your help to sustain and grow our company so that we can deliver our programme. 

Maybe you've already taken part in a Collusion activity or maybe you're finding out about us for the first time through our website. Either way, we hope we've sparked your interest and given you a really good understanding of us and our plans. 

Collaboration - or collusion - is key and we will always engage with a range of partners to ensure we create opportunities with potential to produce the most interesting and unexpected outcomes. We'll seek to recruit the best, most appropriate artists for the opportunities we present and we will pay them fairly for their involvement. We are committed to working openly, involving the public as collaborators and welcoming feedback. And quality is very important to us, both in terms of work produced and the quality of experience for anyone taking part in our activities. 

We work hard to raise investment to support our plans. To support our introductory programme (Sept 2014 - Oct 2015), we raised more than £140k from local and national partners plus in-kind support worth around £25k. Now, we're developing our 2016-19 programme, which has a fundraising target of £900,000. The programme will focus on creative enterprise, bringing together artists and digital creatives to explore new ideas for three key technologies (AI, VR/AR/MR. data culture), all from a people centred perspective/starting point. 

If you’re excited by what we’re doing, we’d really appreciate your support to allow us to continue to grow Collusion, support artists, and make amazing work happen right here in Cambridge. You can provide a donation via the button below or, if you're interested in working with as a partner and/or sponsor, please contact us. We'll be glad to hear from you.