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Collusion appoints Mark Farid for Real Time Commision 2015


Mark Farid wins Collusion's Real Time Commission 2015 with Data Shadow

Artist Mark Farid has been selected from a strong short list to produce Data Shadow, an interactive public installation that explores the subject of mobile phone data security, the huge volume of information our phones transmit everyday, and how easy it is to hack into our personal information. He aims to make the public aware of the privacy they are potentially sacrificing by regularly using a mobile and the internet. From June 2015, Farid will be resident in the city working with a range of experts and citizens to explore the issues and questions around his project and to realise the work. The final work will be presented during the University of Cambridge's Festival of Ideas in October 2015. 

Upon connecting to a specific free public wifi hotspot in Cambridge, Data Shadow will take information from an individuals phone and create a personal data shadow. The participant's movements will be tracked and mapped, and their personal data will be projected as their shadow as they walk down the street, with other participants. At the start, the user will be prompted to allow permission to partake in this piece of public artwork, taking a range of information from the user’s name and address to recently visited locations to their text messages. All data captured will be stored securely, will not shared, and will be destroyed at the end of the project. 



Real Time Commission is an opportunity to make a new public realm digital work for Cambridge, working within the Greater Cambridge area and its data. The commission was open to artists from all disciplines, as well as collectives of creative assembled around cross-disciplinary making. This includes artists, artist collectives and designers. 

The commission is supported by The Technology Partnership (TTP), University of Cambridge and Arts Council England.

For more information about the project, visit the Commission pages and follow @in_collusion

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