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Collusion's R&D Challenge: Maker Takeover

Huntingdon, Thursday 17th May 2018  

“Amazing - Phenomenal - Innovative” 

- raved an attendee after Maker Takeover

Photos by Matthew Usher, slideshow created with flickr slideshow.

Over 70 people joined us for a day of art, music, performance, virtual reality and art and tech projects from three of Collusion’s R&D Challenges. Throughout the day, we enjoyed exploring projects and experiences from the following contributors;

Maker Takeover was a day-into-evening event at the fabulous iMET centre at Alconbury Weald in Huntingdon.

"This is perfect for SMEs, creative businesses, innovators, tech people, artists and those interested in finding out about leading-edge technologies. As well as talks and workshops, our Maker Fair will allow you to explore exciting and new virtual reality, augmented reality, smart cities data and artist innovation projects. Plus don’t miss the chance to take a tour of the (yet to be opened!) iMET centre, it’s services and facilities. We’re expecting a dynamic group of people from across arts, tech, innovation so this will be a great networking opportunity too."

"Collusion events are informal, creative and aimed at showing off the region’s rich talent across art and technology. As dusk fall, we will entertain you to a series of creative digital performances never been seen in Huntingdon before. Sign up here via Meetup »"


Our fantastic partners are;





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