Virtual reality vehicles // £4008 August to 08 August 2019

Learn an amazing technique to build 3D designs and drive them around in Roblox!

The Electric Citizens Summer Labs are the perfect summer activity for 9 – 13 year olds of all levels of experience and they are really fun! Whether you have used any of this tech before or not, this  summer lab will guide you through a dynamic workshop led by VR artist Lee Mason, giving you the skills to create projects and help build Electric City.   

In this lab, you will learn how to work with Google Blocks to design vehicles in virtual reality, then transfer them into Roblox and drive them around.  

This is a 3 hour workshop beginning at 2am and finishing at 5pm.   

This lab is one of a series of nine Electric Citizens Summer Labs – full list at


Lee Mason

Lee is a digital artist focused on exploring and sharing VR art programs.


  • Cambridge Junction