Jo Lawrence: Datacosm, with pianist Alex Woolf17 April to 20 April 2019

Part of Collusion 2019

Jo Lawrence’s Datacosm is a multi-narrative animated film installation where the type of music played determines how the film evolves. Data engineers appear as puppeteers who control events in digital space from beneath the stage of a puppet theatre.

For these special performances, we will be joined by pianist Alex Woolf. As he plays in front of the movie screen, an AI program called The Aficionado will identify the genre of each piece – baroque, classical, ragtime, or jazz – and, depending on its choice, selects different film footage from a pool of animated sequences including four potential endings.

DATACOSM by Jo Lawrence // Collusion 2019

Collusion supported Lawrence through a 12-month programme of research and development to realise the work, connecting her with key partners. Lawrence filmed Datacosm as part of a two-week residency at Anglia Ruskin University. The piece was also created in collaboration with Cambridge Consultants’s artificial intelligence research team, who developed The Aficionado as a demonstration of potential applications for artificial intelligence – and who also appear in the film as the data puppeteers.

Performances are 10 minutes long, taking place every 20 minutes on Wednesday 17th between 2pm and 3.30pm, and on Saturday 20th between 2pm and 5pm. Booking via Cambridge Junction at Note: you can also watch Datacosm with prerecorded music at all other times during our opening hours (11am to 7pm daily except Sundays when we close at 5pm).