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Public engagement is integral to Collusion’s work and we aim to make each of our projects as open as possible. It’s our policy to always pay artists at an appropriate rate and to recruit in a open and fair way to ensure the best artists are appointed for each opportunity.

Collusion offers £30k Real Time Commission


Real Time Commission is an opportunity to make a new public realm digital work for Cambridge, working within the Greater Cambridge area and its data. The commission is open to artists from all disciplines, as well as collectives of creatives assembled around cross-disciplinary making. This includes artists, artist collectives and designers.

For further information including the full brief, Q&A and online application portal, visit the Commission pages

The artwork is not limited to any one form or outcome but we are interested in the following:

  • Art that connects with Cambridge as a world centre of technological growth

  • Works that delight and surprise with their boldness

  • Works that are informed by direct public interaction

  • Works that directly engage the public in thinking about data

  • Art that interrogates the rhetoric or language of ‘internet of things’

  • Works that have a physical presence as well as a digital outcome

  • Art that harvests real time data from multiple sources

Real Time Commission is open to all artists based in Europe to apply. To qualify you need an EU passport and be able to work in the UK for the duration of the commission. The budget is fully inclusive of fees, materials, travel and accommodation. The commissioners will work with the selected artist to refine the budget at contract stage.

For further information including the full brief, Q&A and online application portal, visit the Commission pages

Collusion is a playful, experimental new agency for Cambridge that operates at the intersection of arts, technology,and human interaction. We facilitate collaborative interdisciplinary explorations focusing on new work with artists within the area of embedded and locative systems - including the wider generic concepts of the internet of things and smart cities.

art; public art; data; smart city; internet of things